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Websites – in an era when most of the stuff is done digitally today, it’s no wonder that you can have a say and a cut of what’s going on with most web pages. Since betting on websites is legal, it’s no surprise that it’s quite a common way to (hopefully) win a bit of cash. Bets can be put on the success of a website, great for those of you who know very well a major website. Do you want to win big amount of money? It’s your chance to be a winner! Play napoleon slot today and be ready!

Videos – whether they’re contentious, insightful or just a blogger from Youtube who’s talking about something for an hour, videos are also becoming an increasingly popular betting source. Different games and sites will help you make some winnings, one of which is VideoIPO which basically tasks you to find the best videos for some cash reward out there. Netflix may be paying money to sit down and watch TV shows as a profession, but there’s a little more versatility with VideoIPO, and essentially does something really similar.

Technology – this is certainly worth an investment today, and in this day and age, with robots doing the much-hated housework for you, you can actually do pretty well by placing those bets on current and emerging innovations. Investments in technology make up currently a fifth of the 2018 stock market. There are plenty of websites out there that essentially allows you to buy and sell technology shares, but one notable site is Yahoo’s Buzz Game. Basically, you can work your way to the top by being canny and finding out what’s the right investment for you.

Sports-Sports betting is possibly one of the most common and legal types of gambling out there. Nowadays you can bet pretty much on any kind of sport, from football to basketball to racing. Bets can be placed via a bookmaker in the conventional way, or can now be placed online thanks to computers, telephones and the internet and essentially even better technology.