Good Online Sites to Gamble With Friends

Many gamblers enjoy going to the casino or poker room.

But you don’t have to go anywhere to create gambling action.

What if you’re not in a house with all of your friends, or they’re scattered around the world? The great thing you can do with your mates for people looking for gaming behaviors is that the majority of them are now replicated online. That means you can invite as many of your friends as you want to one of these great online gaming websites from the comfort of your home, and start a fun game together.

Pitch Quarters

Pitching quarters is a fun way of playing with friends and it is also cheap.

Two or more players are standing a distance set to a wall. Every pitcher has a quarter, and they toss their quarter toward the wall one at a time. The goal is to get your quarter to end up next to the wall.

The player who has their quarter nearest to the wall wins all the quarters on the round that were pitched.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that there is no talent involved in quarter pitching. If you’re going to do a lot of that you should practice. It’s only a quarter a toss, but some people are incredibly good at pitching and if you’re not successful you may easily lose many bucks.


Bet on Sports

This can be as easy as speaking agreement when you bet with friends or if you have a party you can use software to track anything.

By betting on each other everyone in the party profits from not paying vig. This provides a saving of at least a few per cents for every bet made. The biggest challenge is finding people on the other side of the games who want to bet.

Betting among friends in most parts of the world is either legal or ignored. So who knows when you bet? But if you expand to the point that a large number of bets are made, you may cross the line into an area that is illegal, or at least gray.



Poker is a friendly way for friends to play with. You can set up a poker night from time to time, where everyone gets together or just schedule a game.

You just need to start a good game with four or five players or more.

You can play limit, pot limit, or no limit, and play in the style of a cash game or tour.

Some of the best things you can do with gambling with mates is play for whatever stakes you decide on. For pennies, or hundreds, you can play poker.


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